Paradise Blight

Paradise Blight

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The first terraformed world, Tau Ceti Four, was now ready for colonization.  Some called it Paradise, and it seemed a fitting name.  The initial conditions before the terraforming began were perfect, too perfect for botanist Mora Torr.  Something was not right.

Engineer Gan Finn came over with the other colonists on the Ark Hope ship.  He, like Mora, was as much running away from an anguished past as seeking Paradise.  But twelve light-years distance itself does not cure broken hearts.

"So, are there any alien jubjub birds, bandersnatches, or jabberwocks around here I should be worried about?"

She laughed out loud.  "Oh, nothing like that.  It is not the big scary creatures we should worry about, besides other humans that is, it is the tiny ones."

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