I Think It's Time For Revenge, You?

I Think It's Time For Revenge, You?

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It's ya girl By sugarswag15 Updated Jul 13, 2017

"I, Dean Joseph Archer, reject you, Aryn Faith Jacobs, as my mate." He said with a smug smirk. Well. Ouch. I will never give him the satisfaction of crying because my wolf is in pain.  I crinkled my nose. "Okay." And then I walked away. "Oh ya! I, Aryn Faith Jacobs, accepts you, Dean Joseph Archer, rejection." And with that he and all his friends are shell shocked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sup. My name is Aryn. Aryn Faith Jacobs. I am treated like the mud on the bottom of an omega's feet in my pack. Ya my mom, dad, brother, sisters, and the entire rest of the pack treats me like absolute crap. Ya I know you are probably thinking, 'Shouldn't she go to the alpha?' Ya, no. My father is the alpha. Alpha of the King Moon pack. They say that I am a shame to the pack. Everyone shifts into their wolves at the ages of 11-12. Not me! I am 16 in two weeks and I still haven't shifted yet. People think I am a human and that I will never shift. I don't care if I get beaten, bullied, or if I am a slave, but I will NOT stand to be rejected. So me, being the person I am, runs. Now they think I am dead. Haha, no. It's been three years, almost four. And now I'm back to train their pathetic pack from rogues. Hmmm, let's see, I think it's time for a little bit of revenge, don't you think?


Just a quick warning, this is my first book and it is actually a really shitty book. If you want to read it be my guest, but you have been warned :)

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  • love
  • rejection
  • revenge
  • werewolf
King_Kammy King_Kammy Nov 27, 2017
Yes, one time when I was a kid I fake cried when I was in trouble. My mom took me out for some ice cream that day 😂... Yeah those were some good times 🚶
Lunela7116 Lunela7116 18 hours ago
I fake cry Lol one time tho everyone thought i was crying and i rarely cry so they got a  lot shookt
Idav123 Idav123 Jul 04, 2017
When i want to cry if you can say that i listen to songs or videos that makes me sad and when i start crying
ains246 ains246 Apr 24, 2017
I can fake cry but of course there is her mate I want to read one of these where her mate isn't what caused her to leave
I can one time I was about 6 and I wanted something but my mom said no so I started to cry she ended up saying yes and I all of a sudden I was happy and said “yay!” And walking of like nothing happened
Yup i just think of some kinda a sad thing i will make up voila! I have a very activeand weird imagination 😊