I Wish

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Nikki By chapterchicks Updated 2 years ago
What if your every 11:11 wish came true?
Oh my goddd this is such a coincident my name is nikki too with the exact spelling..aha xx and i love your chapter really great :)
Who's!! THAT WAS BLOODY AMAZING!!' keep going keep going keep goin keep going!!! Oh. Please?:)
Wow i make a wish every night at 11:11 hoping it will come true. So ik im going to like this story.
Im loving it! this is such a good idea! :) cant wait to read more
oh i like this little prologue, and i love the name Stella, i think its soo pretty :)
Act natural. Ha thats hard to do. This story is very creative and I really like it. Thanks for telling me about it!
                                    Love aly