Drarry- You Have To Be Careful

Drarry- You Have To Be Careful

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SuicidalRenaissance By SuicidalRenaissance Updated Sep 07, 2015

Draco Malfoy was breaking apart. The people around him were tearing him to pieces and not bothering to help him put them together again. 
So Draco fled. He ran away from the things that were braking him and went somewhere no one could find him, somewhere that was safe.

And now Harry, who's on the run from a psychotic werewolf, needs somewhere like that. Somewhere no one can follow him, somewhere he can relax from finding Horcruxes and whatnot. 

And Draco's place is the perfect place. And while he's there, maybe he can fix Draco?

But-wh- what happened at midnight? WHAT HAPPENED AT MIDNIGHT?!
Does Archibald happen to be a red head...cause R I V E R D A L E
Mooshorange Mooshorange Aug 05
Funny? What? How many jokes has Harry told? I don't remember them.
I'm Draco... except I'm 15 and people thought I was 18 all freshman year.
I always thought of Voldy as a Nazi and now it's written down. Thank. You.
KathyTay413 KathyTay413 Jul 20
she says something about Draco but her own son is Archibald?