Lone Wolf (completed)

Lone Wolf (completed)

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bella farren By superheroic Completed

A man was once cursed to be the only of his kind, banished to live the rest of his days alone and swallowed in his own depression and hate for humanity. He thought that nothing could help heal his broken heart as he preyed on the naive enough to wander his forest alone.   

Until Audrey. 

Audrey has her own past that refuses to leave her, she calls it a curse, and in her attempt to escape she moves to the small town of Creston, Canada. She delves into small town life hoping that nothing of her past will make it to the ears of the residents that live there and soon she befriends a misunderstood man and tries to pull them both from their cursed existence and horror filled pasts.

© Bella Farren [ two-thousand-and-fourteen ]

She must be so grief stricken that she would run towards this scary creature, but I get trying to chase the pain away.
I wasn't expecting that to be her secret.  Great visual and very sad.
Oh good lord.  Really?  You're going to go running towards the mean man?
Not good when you only one knowing about something dangerous
Knowing my luck it'll run towards me and not the friendly way
Ugh! Now why did you go and tell this woman your business? I always make the mistake of telling people too much.