The Fall of Mangiatorvi

The Fall of Mangiatorvi

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Gemma Maxey has always been different, as in, being able to move things with her mind kind of different. 

She spent the majority of her life as an outcast, trying to keep her powers hidden from the mortal world.  But in a violent turn of events that leaves her heartbroken and scarred, she has her old life swept away when she is recruited to the Mangiatorvi University for the Gifted in a secret world called Oasi, a place that she has only ever dreamed of. Under the dual mentorship of the crown prince and a gifted fighter with intimacy issues, she somehow manages to earn their loyalty among their training sessions. 

But can Gemma take a chance with trusting anyone again when her heart is still in pieces? 

As tensions rise and the threat of civil war hangs heavily in this new world that Gemma has begun to love, a rival state that has been pushed too far in the past is about to upset this balance and bring Oasi to the brink of absolute extinction.  With Gemma struggling to navigate this new world and its tangle of politics, she must decide whose side she is on when she proves to be more powerful than anyone had first thought when the chance of normalcy and friendship must be traded for survival as more than just her life is put at stake.

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