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Sydnie By _sydthesloth_ Updated Dec 01, 2016

Eleven teenagers from all over world have been blessed with special gifts to control Elements because they are here to fulfill a prophecy. But there is one more that they don't know exists. This child is special and is different from the others. She can control all of the elements. Because of this she has become power hungry and very dangerous. The only people who can stop her are the eleven.

Won 3rd place in xXPersevereXx's Purple category in Undiscovered Gems.

xxKStyle101xx xxKStyle101xx Dec 06, 2016
HELL YEAH. I LOVE THIS POWER AS WELL!!!! (Althoug my most Fav would be telekinesis).
                              GRAY-SAMA USES ICE MAGIC.
xxKStyle101xx xxKStyle101xx Dec 06, 2016
I didnt think the elements would be ranked Strongest to weakest (or less powerful). All the element have their strengths and weaknesses. Wouldnt that make all of them equal.
xxKStyle101xx xxKStyle101xx Dec 06, 2016
Omg you should have made a gravity power. The person is able to manipulate the gravity around themself and other things or people around them
CorruptingInnocence CorruptingInnocence Oct 31, 2015
This sound sooo good and original compared to other elemental stories. I love it.
jakepatt jakepatt Oct 10, 2015
love it already, but air is more powerful than fire, water and earth.
                              u need oxygen to keep h2o in place, and you need air for a fire to even work. air can simply break earth apart.
Rosiejo211 Rosiejo211 Dec 30, 2014
li would think it is the other way around because lightning is the one that cause thund because lightning breaks the speed of sound which cause the thunder