Can't Fight the Feeling (AlyDen)

Can't Fight the Feeling (AlyDen)

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Night before the game 4

After having a mouthful of dinner, Aly is about to sneak out to avoid the work when amy caught here. 

"Oooopppz aly! Where do you think you're going??" Amy grinning!

" come on, help me" amy added habang nagliligpit ng kanilang pinagkainan. It's their turn to do the chores that evening as scheduled. 

Some of their team mates are now on their respective rooms. Some just stay at the couch to watch their favorite teleserye. 

" amy! Please let me pass! Please?" Aly begging with her puppy like eyes, nagpapaawa bka sakaling maka lusot Habang nagpapaliwanag kung bakit kaylangan nyang mag skip sa gawain. At hnd sya nabigo. Amy allow here to pass this time.

"Babawi ako bukas!" Sabay taas ng kanang kamay na parng nanunumpa! 

Amy just smile and swing her hand just like saying "go"! Sabay sigaw ng "sus! Kala namn nto nsa game parn tayo".

Alyssa is about to go straight to her room, when she notice that marge and michelle are talking at the porch. 

"Hmmm..ang dalwang ...

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