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Sadly, I'm In Love With You (Chris Evans Fan-Fic)

Sadly, I'm In Love With You (Chris Evans Fan-Fic)

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Natalie Holt is a Boston Globe sports journalist, who just so happens to run into Chris Evans at a Red Sox game. Little did she know that meeting Chris would lead to a crazy journey involving love, traveling, and much more.

When you're a hardcore Assassin's Creed fan and think 'Fenway' said 'Kenway'
failed-banksy failed-banksy a day ago
Not Irish or American but me and my dad will smash to this in the car
Bobjimbobjim Bobjimbobjim Jul 29, 2016
Well duh you just met the girl! Obviously you're not going to know who her brother's best friend from pre-k was
HPrachelMARVELleeSW HPrachelMARVELleeSW Aug 13, 2016
Maybe the author wanted to put 1918 because that's the year Steve Rogers was born
Zuzu314 Zuzu314 Aug 24, 2016
The author said "at home", the other championship may have been won at away games.
MyOwnMrDarcy MyOwnMrDarcy Jan 19, 2016
Don't mean to be a party pooper, but a young up and coming journalist who owns LOUBOUTINS? Can I be this chick😭