IM5 Dirty Images

IM5 Dirty Images

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Some fluff some dirty : )

You are best friends with The Dalton Rapattoni. You guys were hanging out at Dana's house playing COD.

You got really bored. So you decided to speak up.

"Guys, I'm really bored, can we play truth or dare." you said. They nodded and paused there game.

You guys form into a circle on the ground, Will goes first.

"Dana, truth or dare?"


"Ok, is it true that you fancy (Y/n)?"

Dana looked down, he blushed and nodded, then it was your turn to blush.

It was now Dana's turn.

"(Y/n) truth or dare" You picked dare, ready to hear what he is going to say.

"I dare you to kiss me on the cheek" He smiled, you blushed, you crawled to where he was sitting and you kissed him on the cheek, but at the last second, he turned his head, and you kissed his lips.

"Hey, why'd you do that?!" He shrugged, you rolled your eyes playfully and went to your original seat.

You didn't have any dares to say to Dalton, so it was Dalton's turn.

"(Y/n) truth or dare?" you picked...

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Kobra-Killjoy Kobra-Killjoy Apr 26, 2016
Dragon_Girl_57 Dragon_Girl_57 Dec 13, 2016
Yeah! That was awesome! Especually since it was mostly Cole~Senpai 😍😍😍
im5izREAL im5izREAL Jan 01, 2016
holy canoles got got in here😍👍👅💦🔥🙈🙉🙉🙈
- - Jun 03, 2015
*month later*
                              Gabe : Round 755???
                              A lot can happen in a month