The Alpha's Tribrid✔

The Alpha's Tribrid✔

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"Why do you hate me?" I cupped her cheeks and deeply looked in her eyes.

"I don't you hate you Wyatt," she said and moved away from me.

'She's afraid of us, you poop,' August snarled.

"Then why do you distance yourself from me?" I asked, reaching my hand to take her but again she flinched and moves away.

"Because you're a monster."


Alpha Wyatt Stone has a dark past. No parents. Just his brother as his Beta and his best friend as his gamma. Wyatt was known to be the most ruthless of all alphas. But he had his reasons to be one.

Zara Thorne. A hybrid. As far as she knows. The daughter of an Alpha vampire of werewolves. After her pack being slaughtered by Alpha Stone and Zara making a run for it, she discovered that she is the unlucky mate of Alpha Stone.

What are the extents Wyatt is willing to go for Zara to trust him?