My Deal With The Badboy

My Deal With The Badboy

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"Maybe I'm supposed to let you go, like I tried to, but I can't, because I'll lose the one person I've ever truly loved." Alec frowned as he stared at me. 

"Don't you think it's time to take a risk?" I asked, surprised by my confidence. 

"Maybe it is," He nodded in agreement. 

"What about Tori?" I asked cautiously. 

"Relax baby girl, I'm all yours," He smiled at me and I smiled back, genuinely happy. 

"So I was thinking," I started with a smirk. 

He chuckled, "Okay, okay,"

He leaned in and pressed his soft lips to mine.


When Juliette Greene made a deal with Hampshire High School's bad boy, Alec West, to be his fake girlfriend in order to make it in the music career and to stop Alec's dad from pestering him about settling down. Does she end up falling in love or will it make her hate Alec even more the she already does?

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Cynspired Cynspired Aug 09
Ur story description is soooo interesting 😍😍😍 I'm so excited to read it
sashaSsun sashaSsun Oct 18, 2015
I just finished reading TBBSMB...And now this...I'm not prepared...So much emotions...*cue to all emticons to smash up together*
PaoletteDarwin PaoletteDarwin Aug 23, 2015
My sisters name is exactly "Juliette" this is gonna be weird ...
c_ddlexluke_ c_ddlexluke_ Jun 30, 2015
I just finished reading The Bad Boy Stole My Bra and the name of the boy was Alec and the girls last name was Greene should I be worried
JustZea JustZea Apr 24, 2015
To answer your question: maybe yes, that they'll fall in love back firing their plan incase you do a surprising plot twist :D
love2wright love2wright Mar 21, 2015
They aren't the exact same, and I'm sure plenty of books have a character with the name 'Alec' in them...