The Summer When We Met

The Summer When We Met

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honeycrumbles By honeycrumbles Updated Feb 24, 2019

" I just want to be loved. " 


" I don't want to be abandoned. "


" I hate being gloomy, I want to spread happiness. "


" Just let me be with her. "


" For my family, I want strength. "


" To be accepted for what and who I am. "


" I want someone to help me break my walls. "


" I want to be seen as more than a pretty face. "


8 girls, 8 prayers. Fate reunites their hearts filled of hope to one point. Fairy Tail Camp. A place filled of deranged children but still family. 

What happens when these girls meet 8 other boys that'll turn their life 360°? Would everything be the same? Would fate answer their prayers? Or would they face more pain? Read on to find out.

I do not own Fairy Tail or the Photos used. The story plot is mine.

Ships are NaLu, GrUvia, GaLe, RoWen, RoKa / RoGura, StiYu, JerZa, MirAxus and hints of other ships like LyEredy