To My Sunflower

To My Sunflower

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Veronica By VeronicaPurcell3 Updated Jun 08

A story set at the end of the Pacific War, 1945, as told from the perspective of same-sex lovers Hinata and Eiji. A compelling unique risk of a war story that has never been told.

Hinata received his beloved Eiji's letter, filled with the scent of sunflowers and his undying love for him, around the same time he was given official news of Eiji's presumed death at Iwo Jima. He decides to continue on his civilian life in a small country village. His perspective shows a side of discrimination and hardships of Japan's civilians.  

Eiji was as a soldier fighting at Iwo Jima when he fell injured in a banzai charge and was classified as dead. He recovered with the aid of an American Lieutenant who escorted him back into the mainland for espionage work. He is determined to return to Hinata. 

More than a boys' love, this book is about the heart and soul of people surviving the final climax of WW2.  Two sides of the war on Japanese soil are shown.

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