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I'm holding the bad boy's boxers

I'm holding the bad boy's boxers

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chocolateteapot By chocolateteapot Updated May 17

I crawled in through Chad's bedroom window, the silly dick had left it open. Noob!   I'm dressed head to toe in black, a kick-ass ninja belt around my waist, well really it's my Dads builders utility belt, back from the time when he thought DIY was his "thing"... It's not. I can only imagine what someone would think if they saw me now, well they'd think "call the cops there's someone breaking into that house", obviously. But then, whilst waiting for the cops to come, they'd look at me and think, that girl watches too much Mission Impossible, which is true of course; but irrelevant.  So where was I, oh yeh, I'm in Chad's room, searching for his phone. It's part of my pay back for the Victoria Secret rumour. I mean just because our rooms look onto each other, does not mean that any rumour he spreads about my underwear is automatically true. Does the student body think so low of me as to even consider the possibility that I would get changed where Chad could see me? What the hell! I was going to fill his locker with shit or something as payback, but  that seemed a little extreme. That said getting arrested for breaking and entering is hardly minor.
Anyway I'm stumbling about the room looking for anything that resembles a phone, when my hand grasps a small article of clothing. OMG! Ew. Please don't let this be what I think this is. I bring the torch forward so I can see clearly. Omg, it is. I'm holding the bad boys boxers, ew ew ew! Wait... Is that Mickey Mouse? The bad boy has Mickey Mouse boxers?!  Oh this is gold.  I bring out my phone and take a few pictures.  This is gold, blackmail gold, and I intend to use it.  This is going to be so much fun...  ----------------------------------------------------------  What do you do when a Greek god moves in next door? Well you torment the shit out of him of course. Besides, we all know that Greek Gods are cocky, arrogant, players anyhow, right... Right?

kitkatz19 kitkatz19 Mar 04
I bet I'm the sexiest beast(my phone wants to auto correct that "beast" to "bras" oh okay well anyway *winky face*
TF NOOO YOU CANT BE ALL LIKE OOO IMMA SUFFOCATE YOU WIT A PEA THEN LIKE 'he' nooooo nope nope nope I this isn't fair I just nope
HkmymyHK123 HkmymyHK123 Jan 31
I did that once to my mom's purse and she hot me with... THREE TIMES!!! Talk about abuse
BABYLEXI41 BABYLEXI41 Jun 21, 2016
Ace_Acton Ace_Acton Oct 07, 2016
I gave a speech to my English class about this before when we were learning about Martin Luther King Jr.
Lauren-Nat Lauren-Nat Aug 29, 2016
My cousin did that and at night he had a ball and right outside my cousin whos a girl room where stayed and would work out it was hard to sleep