Playlist Live~ Dan Howell/Danisnotonfire

Playlist Live~ Dan Howell/Danisnotonfire

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Carter By CarterIsNotOnFire Completed

When I became a YouTuber I never expected the following to happen

-Meet my best friend off of YouTube
-Move to L.A.
-Befriend famous YouTubers
-Get invited to Playlist Live
-Meet Dan Howell and Phil Lester
-Go to England to stay with Zoella
-Start a Twitter riot
-End up in London with Dan and Phil because Zoe got boring
-Get insanely drunk and tell Dan my life story
-Get stuck in the llama habitat at the zoo

All I can say now is, being a YouTuber sure is one wild ride.

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My dream right there but I'm a baby back bitch and have no balls
This me. I hardly go outside except for when I go to school.
Why....I am now trying my hardest to not scream out in the middle of the night Dans diss track
BISH BE CATEGUL NEAR...water...IM A DAUGHTER OF POSEEEeeeelllooo there.....Yeah....wrong fandom
Veaoii Veaoii Dec 11, 2016
Same one time when I was like.... 8 my mom was waking me up for school and she was like literally screaming (or so she told me when I woke up) then my cat walked in my room and literally whisper meowed (Is that a thing? XD) and I quickly woke up like 'wheres the cat at?' Yeah I love cats XD
natisnotamaizing natisnotamaizing Sep 25, 2016
"You- as the weirdo reading this garbage"
                              youre right 
                              I am very weird