Elizabeth Bennet has refused an offer of marriage from the handsome and rich Fitzwilliam Darcy.  She has told him in a hateful manner everything she holds against him.  Mr. Darcy defends himself by writing her a letter.  In this altered tale of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Mr. Darcy encounters Elizabeth in Rosings Park soon after she has read his letter.
I enjoyed it very much! Your focus was excellent! My only remark is that some description of the characters in appearance would make it seem slightly more realistic. But it is totally awesome!! Well done!!!
That was beautiful. Worthy of Austen's writing itself! Thank you for that refreshing spin on the encounter between Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam.
Great job. Well worded and perfectly in character! So glad I found this wonderful read!
@vickicity Thanks so much for reading, commenting and sharing with your sister.  You've paid me the highest compliment!
I loved it, I shared it to my sister (she likes Pride and Prejudice, too) and she too, liked it! Great job on this. =)
I LOVE Pride and Prejudice and don't like people messing with it, but I appreciate the motivation behind fanfics.  People who love a story enough to make it their own.  But you write perfectly in-sync with the original author and it was a good read.