23 & Pregnant  [Teacher/Student]

23 & Pregnant [Teacher/Student]

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Splash C. By SplashC Updated Aug 23, 2016

This story is just like your regular teacher/student who gets pregnant, but it has a little twist. Instead of the teacher being the one that has gotten the student pregnant. The student is going to be the one that has the teacher pregnant. Which her name is Jenna Tate  who gets pregnant by her senior student name Jayden [Jay]. Ms.Tate already has a boyfriend though and Jay has a girlfriend. Jay is your popular jock. He loves to clown around only when he is in Ms.Tate class. All the other teachers adore Jay except Ms.Tate. Jay is also really smart. So how does two people like that end up having a baby? (I don't own the image or brands etc.)

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Esthercupcake101 Esthercupcake101 Jun 11, 2017
Hi plz read my book pregnant  by mistake and I will read yours
My brothers name is Jayden n my sisters name is Ashley... So this is just weird😑
Sharey_Mae Sharey_Mae Jun 14, 2015
how old is the teacher. no offense but, i really don't like the fact that the guy is younger than the gal
blessingdancer blessingdancer Jan 08, 2014
so far good. However, when a person is speaking use quotations. For example, jenna said, I am going out. It should be "I am going out." this make it more like they are talking. Some spelling errors too.
GabiDobby98 GabiDobby98 Oct 13, 2013
Write the details better they seem like you are just talking not telling a story
WanderingDancer WanderingDancer Sep 09, 2013
woah! this is the very first teacher-student story I've read wherein the teacher is a female! this is exciting and I'll be reading more! <3 xxx