Child of The War God [Naruto.]

Child of The War God [Naruto.]

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*Warning: The Sequel has been discontinued but this story will remain up. My newer fanfictions are much better.*
2017 Update: author is considering rewriting this book. 

"We accept the love we believe we deserve."

The God's and Goddesses of a foreign world were in an uproar. For the first time since their creation, the offspring of an angel and a demon had been born. 

Ares, the Greek God of War, did everything in his power to try and save his child after the mother vanished from the realms of existence. 

Annaiya was a dainty infant with an astonishing head of vermilion curls. But the moment she opened those silver, serpentine eyes- Ares knew she'd never be able to remain within the confines of Olympus. With no options left, Zeus himself banished the child.

Cast from the realm of the Greek Gods, Annaiya was tossed into the void of existence, where she came to a new world. Harbouring foreign principles and religions, Annaiya was officially exiled from Olympus and left to dwell within this new world. 

A world of Shinobi and powerful beasts.

Annaiya was no longer Annaiya, daughter of a God. Cast into this new life, she became Akuma no Chi. The orphan who knew nothing of love.

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Katsukimeow145 Katsukimeow145 Oct 13, 2015
I suggest introducing the idea of life being a game in the beginning, and describe why you think so, and build up to the idea of the affair thing. Some 'slow' people might not know of this game that you speak of...