Child of The War God [Naruto.]

Child of The War God [Naruto.]

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*Warning: The Sequel has been discontinued but this story will remain up. My newer fanfictions are much better.*

"We accept the love we believe we deserve."

For the first thirteen years of her life, the only thing young Akuma no Chi knew and understood was the sting of rejection and the ache of abandonment.

The day her life was turned upside down was also the day she arrived at the leaf village after years of struggle. Short-tempered and volatile, it wasn't easy to make friends at first. 

When lies are discovered and secrets unravelled, trust will become something nearly unattainable. But for Akuma, she knew the only choice would be to continue onwards.

Through attraction and betrayal, the monster is crawling beneath the surface.

It's only the beginning, and it's already about time to get this party started.

Akuma no Chi, the Child of The War God.

Katsukimeow145 Katsukimeow145 Oct 13, 2015
I suggest introducing the idea of life being a game in the beginning, and describe why you think so, and build up to the idea of the affair thing. Some 'slow' people might not know of this game that you speak of...