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The girls of former class 1a never forgot about the time when they were pranked on and had to wear cheerleading outfits during the time of tournament.

Now the girls of 2a finally raised this topic back up and were ready to go plus ultra on boys by deciding that this time the boys will have to do an all boy class play.

Here comes the twist though they had to a Disney movie and the girls decided to go with snow-white because why not.
This is more of class fiction rather than todobaku, but todobaku IS the only couple that will happen. I repeat this is more of a class fic and todobaku is in like really low amount. You have been warned!

//Real tdbk starts from CHAPTER 14.//

Everybody in the school knew that Todoroki Shouto was referred as the 'Ice Prince' due to his early months in UA.

Here comes Bakugou Katsuki with 'tsundere princess' attitude.

It was quite simple really, they both had admiration and respect towards one another, but will that turn into anything more? 

The girls being the girls they obviously notice this and well when a girl thinks of something only an idiot would come between their way when these girls could knock anybody out with just one hit too.

A.N : I don't know what I am doing so just go along with this one will ya?

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