X-Men Days of Future Past| Quicksilver Fanfic |Take your time.

X-Men Days of Future Past| Quicksilver Fanfic |Take your time.

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just_a_time_traveller By thehowlingfish Updated Jul 10

It's basically X-Men Days of Future Past with my own original character in. I'll try to keep it as basic as possible, just because I hate it when a fanfic gets really complicated and eventually doesn't make sense. So this is portrayed from the point of view of Azalia, who becomes friends with Pietro one day...

~~a bit of cussing but not much and mild threat but if you've seen the film you know what to expect~~

And one last thing... Enjoy <3

You're not the only one girl! You're not the only one who likes him! 😂
chessurK chessurK Jul 04
The X-Men Quicksilver is Peter Maximoff whilst the Avengers Quicksilver is Pietro
gabster2524 gabster2524 May 30
I like Quicksilver and Nightcrawler and they are the 2 most forgotten characters a lot of the time
ThatBritishChicken ThatBritishChicken Jul 20, 2015
Only one?! Dude, I'm obsessed with Quicksilver. Fangirls gotta fan, sister!
ladyofskeletons ladyofskeletons May 15, 2015
youre not the only one who loves DoFP Quicksilver a bit more than AoU Quicksilver c:
whisperwrs whisperwrs Jan 18, 2015
How could you not love him? I mean come on!
                              Whiiiip. Laaaaash.