Fan x Service

Fan x Service

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Minjae has been in love with his best friend for years. He also happens to be the lead dancer of a worldwide famous idol group called GRiD. The only problem is, that the said best friend is also Minjae's bandmate.

Getting back to the scorching hot spotlight after a three-year-long break is going to be tough as is. But it also forces Minjae and his longtime crush to live under the same roof at GRiD's dorm once again.  

The dancer is facing a choice. He must either hide his true self forever or deal with the consequences if he can't.


- This is a love story between two men. So, gay. 

Although this might seem like fanfic at a first glance, it is not. Yes, I have drawn inspiration from actual celebrities and music in general, but it is an original work of fiction. All resemblances to real people, places or events are purely coincidental.

Also, there will be a very limited number of Korean words. They are marked with a * and will be cleared up at the end of the chapter they appeared.