Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me

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I love you, I want to be with you, I want you to understand that you are everything to me. You are my yami, my darkness, and I only want to be with you.
Yugi have a small crush on his best friend Yami. The problem? He's afraid of rejection, but who isn't? So in an effort to try and make things easier to himself he turns to his friend Joey for advice since he's currently in a relationship with Kaiba Seto. Unfortunately it doesn't turn out as good as Yugi thought. Tea, a girl who had once been his best and oldest friend had rejected and humiliated him, was back asking for Yugi's heart.
In the storm of drama have Yugi realized that asking Joey for advice maybe wasn't the best decision he's ever made, and Yami realizes that there's still a small part of his past that hasn't come out in the light. 

Never could the two soul partners guess that such a small gap in memory could bring one of them so close to the door, leading to Heaven.

'Do not own Yugioh, if i had, then Yami would NOT be dead.'

  • drama
  • hurt
  • love
  • puzzelshipping
  • tea-bashing
  • yami
  • yugi
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I’m in love with someone...and they act differently towards me too....could it be?
YukinoMusume YukinoMusume Jun 07, 2017
Very good. You can definitely tell Yugi's in love and he's being methodical about this which is the best. 😁
LittleWingedKuriboh LittleWingedKuriboh Aug 08, 2017
I read the title and immediately thought of that Victorious song.
CrownClown14 CrownClown14 May 12, 2016
Awesome! Lol as soon as I saw "Tea-Bashing" in the tags I was like: "Well, this is gonna be good." Don't like Tea very much but that's only my opinion ;P 
                              I like your story so far though :)
Linds231 Linds231 Oct 06, 2016
PuzzelShipping AND PuppyShipping in one + Tea bashing?Oh hellz yeah!
AibouKun AibouKun Dec 03, 2016
Wow, j-just wow, I'm honestly blown away by this story. THIS IS GREAT! Well, on to the next chapter I go!