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Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me

40K Reads 2K Votes 26 Part Story
YamiShineAtemLover By YamiShineAtemLover Completed

I love you, I want to be with you, I want you to understand that you are everything to me. You are my yami, my darkness, and I only want to be with you.

Yugi's in love with Yami and tries to figure out a way to tell him. To his help he has his loyal friend Joey, who is together with the one and only, Seto Kaiba. But Yami and Seto starts their own plans after Yami hears something quite interesting. 

Now to make it even more difficult for Yugi, decided Tea to show up after she dumped him and broke his heart. She now asks for a second chance. Not only that but Yugi also reveals his biggest secret to her, now the question is, what will she do with that information?

But there isn't only drama happening in this world, sooner than they all can imagine, is someones life on the line.

'Do not own Yugioh, if i had, then Yami would NOT be dead.'

Very good. You can definitely tell Yugi's in love and he's being methodical about this which is the best. 😁
CrownClown14 CrownClown14 May 12, 2016
Awesome! Lol as soon as I saw "Tea-Bashing" in the tags I was like: "Well, this is gonna be good." Don't like Tea very much but that's only my opinion ;P 
                              I like your story so far though :)
Linds231 Linds231 Oct 06, 2016
PuzzelShipping AND PuppyShipping in one + Tea bashing?Oh hellz yeah!
XxYamixAtemxX XxYamixAtemxX Dec 03, 2016
Wow, j-just wow, I'm honestly blown away by this story. THIS IS GREAT! Well, on to the next chapter I go!
JameelaAlMansoori JameelaAlMansoori Sep 22, 2015
It's amazing so far!, I'm the same as you so far I'm still a beginner and not that good and I have no inspiration at the moment
Kitty-NyaNya Kitty-NyaNya Sep 04, 2015
OH MY RA! YOU USED MY NAME! I really need to catch up on the show. I'm not even seen all of the first season!