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Six teens are devoted to a game with one rule: If a player gets tagged, they must change their life within the next fifteen minutes. The better the player, the bigger the change. One might give their car away, or punch the school bully. Another might change identities or sacrifice their virginity. Anything to keep evolving, to avoid fitting into a label or caring about the junk they own. But their quest for enlightenment has taken a rotten final turn - one of the players has murdered the game's creator, the teen prophet (cult leader?) David Bloom. 

Our narrator is being framed for the crime; can he clear his name and discover which of his lifelong friends is the murderer before he takes the fall?

[sic] is a gritty teen murder mystery that delves into the psychology of enlightenment among the criminally dysfunctional.

  • abuse
  • death
  • drama
  • eureka
  • kelly
  • killer
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  • murder
  • mystery
  • romance
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darkchaos_life darkchaos_life May 14, 2017
"Everything matters because nothing matters" Wasn't ready for this!!
MaryFahey MaryFahey Dec 11, 2017
I wonder why he's accepting blame for David's death. He couldn't have pushed him.
I have no idea how i got here but this sounds interesting so here I am
McKinleyNoles McKinleyNoles May 14, 2017
Amazing. That was the perfect atmosphere to draw me in, and suck my soul into the pages!
amoreisthebest amoreisthebest Aug 16, 2017
Something about this reminded me of Augustus in fault in our stars
Chickiekat20 Chickiekat20 Mar 28, 2017
I remember reading a few chapters on my cousins account a few years ago.  By the time i had gotten my own wattpad account i had forgotten what this was called. I can't believe I found it. I can finally finish reading it.