midnight | jikook

midnight | jikook

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"It's not y-your rooftop." Jimin cusses at himself for stumbling over his words. Glaring, he watches as the boy laughs sarcastically. "They do not belong to anyone, just like the stars don't, or the skies."

"It is, I know it best. I've lived here for longer." The midnight haired boy snarls as watches Jimin suppress a giggle. "Don't laugh at me." 

The boy sighs, "Look this is stupid. Stay off my rooftop." 

"But it's not yours, this is my house-"

"You don't live on them do you? I don't want to-" He hesitates, sighing once more. "Just stay off them, Park Jimin." His glare is cold, sending goosebumps across the lengths of Jimin's skin.

based on the novel: rooftoppers

  • 1930s
  • astronomy
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