Living On The Edge of You [COMPLETED]

Living On The Edge of You [COMPLETED]

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littlemixedgirl By littlemixedgirl9 Updated Jul 01

Tattoos curl up his neck and are etched down his arms. 

His brown curly mop, sporadically popping out in different directions under the hallway lights. 

He looks at me, his brown eyes glued to my own green ones, daring me to look away. 

But I'm captivated, lost in those chocolate orbs. 

A smirk graces his beautiful tan, sculpted face... a blush rising on my own, I turn away.

I keep my head forward until I feel his hot breath on my neck, sending goosebumps over my entire body. 

 "Princess, ignoring me won't make me stop. I get what I want." He whispered into my ear before tugging on it with his teeth and when he moves he leaves his lingering touch. 

I've never had a problem with being the good girl, making her parents proud, until DeLuca... 

He changed me and I'm not sure if it is for better or worse. 


Mila Wilder, the good girl who pleases her parents is moving to a town and hopefully starting a "new her"... Tired of living her same, boring life never experiencing anything that makes her heart race, but everything changes when she meets DeLuca Calvetti. 

The schools notorious bad boy and hottie takes an interest in Mila quickly, forcing her to live on the edge of him. Pushing her to do things she'd never imagine...

Will he push her too far? 

Will hate turn to love?

Will a good girl turn bad?


I've written another book and can guarantee that I will updating OFTEN!!!! I always have hated waiting for authors to update and I don't want to do that to you all💋




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