Female Alpha

Female Alpha

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Sonja By Crazy_Wolf_Gurl Updated Apr 23

Emily's life has been lonely since she was 8.

Her parents and older brother died protecting her from rogues and she had nowhere to go,so she has been living in the woods ever since. 

Most of the time she's in wolf form since that's easiest way to survive, but she has to be extremely careful in her wolf form with other werewolves and hunters.

Why?Because she's only of her kind.

What happens when Emily is caught,not more or less than by an alpha of a strongest pack in the whole world?

Will she be able to survive with all hunters and rogues after her or is she going to meet her end?

Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 May 05
What a great Surprise! Now I wonder what The Pack will Do! 😀 😀
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 May 05
Every Pack knows about them and they are a pain in the Butt! 😀 😀
I read the first sentence and thought of the song lost boys by ruth b