A Twisted Game (Identity V Survivors x Reader)

A Twisted Game (Identity V Survivors x Reader)

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Bags_Of_Salt By Bags_Of_Salt Updated Mar 28

You have just arrived at a Manor and you're forced to play a couple games.. 

You also manage to find love here somehow.. Who IS it? 

(I do not own the cover art but deep respect to the artist!) 

Your name is Y/N L/N, and you were sent here on search for your sister and promised her back..

Role: Unknown (Hehhehehheheh) 
Age: 21
Gender: Female (I'm sorry boys) 
Characters involved(Aka love interests) :
Emily Dyer (The Doctor) 
Freddy Riley (The Lawyer) 
Kreacher Pierson (The Thief) 
Emma Woods (The Gardner) 
Fiona Gilman (The Priestess) 
Kevin Alonso (The Cowboy, Yeehaw) 
Eli Clark (The Seer) 
Dedcution Substitute (Lucky Guy, that's literally his name) 
Naib Subedar (The Mercenary) 
Aeosop Carl (The Embalmer) 
The Hunters involved: 
Leo (Hell Ember) 
Lastur (The Feaster) 
Joseph (Photographer) 
Wu Chang (I apologize, I couldn't find the name) 
Smiley Face
Bane (Game keeper) 
Jack (Ripper) 
Michiko (Geisha) 
Yidhra (Dream Witch) 

That is all! Please like the story and also, I will try and keep a consistent schedule but I tend to procrastinate a lot. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

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