Ignorance (ONC Entry)

Ignorance (ONC Entry)

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Bearded Man at Sea By Yelverton_TheGeek_ Completed

The year is 2113, and almost all the world's problems have been single-handedly solved with a shocking breakthrough - of how to store and transfer souls. At a certain price, anybody can buy a prolonged life, or a never-hungering body, or eternal happiness. 

However, despite the prosperity of the world as a whole, only a few rich enough can afford extra souls for themselves. And Owen Milano, left with nothing but a bare minimum of resources and his young daughter, can only dream of such things. 

Owen is stricken to discover that his daughter has fallen to a disease that will kill her in a short period of time. Not willing to lose anything more, Owen sees no other choice but to steal a soul to preserve his daughter's life. But it appears that the souls have a much darker truth behind it...

[Submitted for ONC 2019]
[Prompt: SUSPENSE FICTION #7, Soul Sickness]

Cover by the amazing @hayakiu

  • desperation
  • disease
  • dystopian
  • espionage
  • essence
  • lies
  • opennovellacontest2019
  • paranormal
  • poverty
  • scifi
  • soul
  • thief
  • utopia