Old Vs New

Old Vs New

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They knew that from the moment Aphmau brought them together in kindergarten that they will be best friends for life. What they didn't know was of all the obstacles that would be in the way.....that on day in 5th grade changed their lives forever..

Those six were the classes prime students.. The geeky gamer,the social butterfly,the serious Dino,the angry ginger,the goofball kid, and the classes light... Aph was the one that always made everyone smile. She wasn't only the classes light she was then schools light. She was the one that kept everyone cheery and excited for school, she always smiled and said hi and made it her job to know everyone. When she left everyone was devastated.

FAST FORWARD 4 YEARS. Everyone started forgetting about Aph. She moved to a different middleschool. Became more of an "outcast" or socially awkward. She would spend her time drawing or playing video games. She is best friends with T he kids on her street.(Mystreet) 

What would happen when these six..the ones that created their school(figuratively) reconnected?

Would everything go back to normal?

Would Aph be the light in the darkness again?

What if she never extinguished her light?

Will she spark her light of joy again?

Would the boys fall in love with her?

Would Aph be the peepy girl she once was?

Will she have to pick between the old and the new?

Find out here😝😊

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