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"What things are you talking about? What the fuck has gone wrong for you, Colton?" I ask as I shove him one last time, but as hard as I can. 

His eyes flare. "Fine!" he yells. "I saw you again!"

"What?" I ask. 

"I saw you again, Andy," Colton says, softer this time, more defeated.

"I don't...what does that mean?" I ask, frowning. 

Colton runs his hand over his face. "I don't know. But bad shit's been happening to me, okay?" Colton says. "And then I get stuck on a flight with you and everything makes sense. Everything except the fact that you can't be mine and you're the only thing that makes sense."

I swallow. "I...Colton, you-"

Colton smiles in a fake way. "It's fine. It's fucking perfect," he says. "But I just don't understand why-" His voice breaks. 

"Why what?"

"Why I can't have you when you don't even want Bryce," Colton says.

Andy Reed flew home from New York expecting a quiet Christmas. The last thing she ever expected was to see Colton Samson. All she wanted was to get away from the intensity of  Med-school and her distant relationship with Bryce. 

She didn't want Colton to tear into her life all over again. But spending time with Colton makes Andy realize how lonely she is. 

And just as she falls into Colton, Bryce is back with a question she never expected. 

Colton's determined not to let Andy go. He lost her once, and he won't lose her again. But he's hiding something that might make him lose the one thing he wants the most. 

Andy never thought she'd have to choose between Bryce and Colton again. But now her choice is more important than ever. It's not just high school anymore. 

Will Andy follow her heart, even if it will only lead her to heartbreak?

(Can be read as a stand-alone)

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