Fall in Love to the Delinquent Princess [ COMPLETED ]

Fall in Love to the Delinquent Princess [ COMPLETED ]

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She's just your average teenager who lives a simple life in her own fairytale. A simple girl like the others, but if you mess with her kind, she can be deadly and dangerous. 

But what happens if she ever finds love and her heart beats for real? Uh.. Maybe things change right?

Meet Georgina Reyes, the fearful ex-delinquent who started to change when she finally met the guy of her dreams. In order for her to start anew, she disguises herself as a weak and nerdy girl in her new school. But what if fate has its own way to meddle in her life and she met the same dudes who share the same story like her? Will she continue to hide and keep her identity forever? Or return to her old self and completely lost her chance to have a happy ending? Can she ever find love and peace with her Prince if a big secret is to reveal that will completely change her life forever? Or rather choose to be sucked by the demon living inside of her?

This is not your typical love story of a girl who seeks for a drastic but happy ending with her Prince Charming. She's not a fairytale character nor a real Princess. Nah, she's just Georgina Reyes, your Delinquent Princess who will make all the Delinquents fall for her.

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