Online Silhouette (A Phil Lester Fan Fiction)

Online Silhouette (A Phil Lester Fan Fiction)

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We all know about Phil Lester's Breakup from a girl he calls 'Lucy' back when he was 14 years of age. 
Now, 13 years later he and his ex cross paths, however, he no longer recognizes her. 
Now Phil keeps seeing these messages from a person online called 'Lucy123', 
Will the former lovers find each other or will Phil's breakup just be a funny story for others to hear?  

This novel is Rated PG+13 or M as it contains Mild Course language, mild violence and Sexual References  

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omg I remember this. it makes me want to cry so fricking much
I read like this:
                              Phil-phils cute northern voice
                              Lucy-high pitched bitch voice
I saw my name in the description thingy so I was like, HELL YEAH
It is bad I can see this happening very clearly and I want to swoop in and save my baby?
TheExistentialCookie TheExistentialCookie Oct 12, 2016
Am I the only one reading the messages and stuff in Phil's voice? :)
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Oct 23, 2016
OH MY GOSH, JAMES! Why do you have to steal everyone's girl!