The Bad Boy's Rival.

The Bad Boy's Rival.

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"Nice. I like my girl bad." he said sliding his hand gently into my shirt.

"Too bad honey. I'm not bad, I'm worse." I said removing his hand from under my shirt.

The look on his face was priceless.

 He could mess with other girls using his 'bad boy' reputation, but he was going to need more than that to get under my skin.


Damon Stone has always been given the treatment of a king. 
Loved by all the student population or at least the entire female population of Walter High.

Kimora Martins wasn't just any girl, she was the queen of mayhem or maybe mayhem itself. Being the new girl at Walter High wasn't going to change that.

So what happens when they cross paths?

What happens when bad meets worse?

Find out in this book.😉
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