Truth In Words ✓[Secrets Book 3]

Truth In Words ✓[Secrets Book 3]

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Sequel To Secrets In Silence, Book Three.

It's hard to hide secrets when your life is about to be put on trial and Addie had nowhere else to hide. Addie's moment of strength caused her to make the courageous decision to finally fight back and press charges against the five people who have made her life a living nightmare.

She's trying to live a normal life before the trial; making friends, going to college and figuring her life out while she goes over the detail until the trial starts and everything comes out.

When the trial starts she feels more alone than she ever has in her life as she's forced to sit there exposed as she tells the jury and judge the unthinkable things they did to her. 

Will Addie be strong enough to make it through?

Liam hates seeing her face every day since she got back, he feels hurt and betrayed by the girl he can't stop loving. He realizes too late that he's becoming a man he doesn't want to be. 

His stubbornness is causing him to mess up his relationships with the people who matter most in his life and it doesn't take long before he finds himself alone and forced to take a long look at himself.

As the trial comes closer Addie shuts down more and more but he doesn't know why because he doesn't know anything about what's going on with her. 

He knows nothing about the trial, the charges, what happened or how she's really doing. 

Will Liam realize his mistake before it's too late and will Addie even forgive him? 

Addie is no longer silent and ready to talk, but will everyone be willing to hear the truth in her words?

ChickLit -16
Romance -70

  • alone
  • chicklit
  • love
  • pain
  • trial
  • truth
Panda69castelfranco Panda69castelfranco Jul 12, 2017
Rorrei tanto la traduzione di questo libro anche perché i primi tre lì ho già letto,ringrazierei tanto ❤
purpleligth purpleligth Nov 14, 2015
I want to be there for her I wish I could just hold her as she cries
Hcwilson16 Hcwilson16 Jun 13, 2015
Loving this story the best I ever read and I've read over a 100 so thank you for such a great story.
Dbnichols Dbnichols Jan 27, 2015
I'm so glad she is pressing charges and she's with her aunt and uncle.  When you write about her broken heart and hurt, it is so real I feel her pain.
HalesKilsby HalesKilsby Aug 13, 2014
Heart broken n now she preggers she has to get rid of tht bby
hollowsmiles hollowsmiles Jul 20, 2014