The Hunters Saga #1: The Blood Diamond (Watty Winner 2014)  ✅

The Hunters Saga #1: The Blood Diamond (Watty Winner 2014) ✅

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RJ City By RJ_City Completed

"Only a vampire can love you forever..."

     Antoinette "Toni" Drake is just your average teenage girl. She hangs out with close friends, attends parties and even has a guy drooling over her.

     Said guy happens to be a vampire, but what the heck is the difference? 

     Her problems, however, aren't so normal. 

     As it turns out, Manhattan - the place Toni and her younger sister, Liz call home - is heavily overrun by the supernatural. Most of the human population left unaware, it's a vampire hunter's job to keep the peace when things turn ugly. Toni joined the Agency - a human-run organization of hunters - after the immediate death of both of her parents at the hand of a vampire only seven years prior.

     Toni's latest mission deals with the ever-cunning Henri Sinclair, easily one of the richest of the undead. He's opened a nightclub, The Blood Diamond, and it's up to Toni to unlock its secrets. Will her discovery lead to an arrest? Or more trouble for the young vampire hunter? 

This is Book 1 of The Hunters Saga!!
1st draft, so there WILL be mistakes! Feedback is appreciated! 
Cover thanks to @AlexandraSinclair1!

*Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, peril & angst, rude humor, mild language, occasional innuendo and sensuality, and graphic imagery in some places. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*

The Blood Diamond 
Copyright © RJ City 2014.
All Rights Reserved.

calvinnut calvinnut Jun 15
I take it back, her attitude is so feisty, nice n we should get visuals
mishakelly mishakelly Jul 06
Why do i love this book already?
                              Beacuse Toni slays.......pun not intended or maybe it was😝
-Mentirosa- -Mentirosa- Aug 03
I just read your first chapter and now I've added your story to my library. Awesome writing!!
HelenGraul HelenGraul Jun 07, 2016
This looks to be a really good story!! I have added it to my library and will read it - and everything else you write -  soon. Outstanding job!!!! :) :D
brilliant_books brilliant_books Jul 08, 2016
What? Who doesn't like to do that? That's what I spend my free time doing!
ILuvToRead52 ILuvToRead52 May 31, 2016
How old are the MC?  Is this a teen story?  I'm only interested in stories with adult characters ☺