Paying the Price - Chloe Price x Reader a Life is Strange Fanfic

Paying the Price - Chloe Price x Reader a Life is Strange Fanfic

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Ryan By RyanTheFeared Updated Apr 25

***I must have fallen asleep, because when I awoke the sun was starting to set and I could hear someone trying to start my motorbike. I jumped out of the rusted car and grabbed the baseball bat that I'd dropped on the ground on the way to the car. I turned around the corner, bat raised, to see a blue haired girl on my bike cussing as she tried for what might have been the fifth time to start my bike, but again failing. She hadn't heard me creep up behind her.

"Get the Hell off my bike you Asswipe" I spat, my baseball bat raised.

The blue haired girl spun around grabbing something from her waistband and bringing it around to point it at me, but I swung faster and my bat hit the gun out of her hand.

We didn't move for a moment as we both watched the gun clatter to the ground a few feet away.***

So this is my first Chloe Price  x Reader fanfic story, it's meant for lesbi readers, but anyone can read. I don't own any of the LIS characters, or anything that may be mentioned that's in the game. 

I hope you enjoy Paying the Price! and make sure to give me feedback in the comments! I always wanna know if I've done something wrong with Chloe's personality and if it can be improved to be more like the game.

*If this story gets 100 Likes I'll do a second story of whatever character x reader is most suggested in the comments!*