Being the Players Best Friend

Being the Players Best Friend

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Jen is just a normal girl, she gets good grades goes to high school. The only difference between her and all the other girls at her school she is best friends with the player, Matt Rivers who's probably slept with half the girls in the grade as they all throw themselves at him.   Jen is probably the only girl who has held a conversation with Matt for over fifteen minutes with no other intentions, she is different and weird but Matt likes her but she doesn't see it but somewhere along the way she'll realize she likes him to but she thinks that he doesn't like her back.  How long will it take her to realize she's smart but never been good with these things.

"You can't just demand that I'm going out to dinner with you, like I said I have home work." I speak up.

"And like I said boring." He counters.

"And I didn't ask your opinion." I counter back.

"Not my opinion the truth." He retorts.

"Well why don't you shove your truth up your ass." I say.

"Whatever you say your still coming with me." He huffs out. "Weather you like it or not." He finishes off.

"Ok if you think you can drag me out of my own house you do that because the only way I'll go is kicking and screaming." I say almost playfully.

"Kicking and screaming it is than see you at five then." He finishes the conversation.

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xcutie-patootiex xcutie-patootiex Apr 20, 2016
Hey I don't want to be the raisin band type of cereal in the world of sugary delight but.. I just it's wrapped not rapped. Just thought you would like to know *peace out*
certaindoubt112 certaindoubt112 Aug 29, 2015
Just wanted to let you know that this is a fantastic book and you should be so proud!
ThatDramaGirl14 ThatDramaGirl14 Jul 31, 2015
Omg, great story, but could do with a little bit a gramma, otherwise it gets a bit confusing, and I really want to enjoy it(btw, I totally am)
lxerogeanes lxerogeanes Sep 22, 2014
My name is Lia too!!! I love every bit of it, the only thing you could do better is make the chapters longer.