A Lazy Writer's Ideas

A Lazy Writer's Ideas

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Silver Lily By LittleLilyLord Updated May 06

Within this book, there are the writings of a 'phantom' writer. Filled with the ideas they have gathered over 'years' of reading fanfics and other stories. 

However, there's a twist in this story!

This writer is too lazy to write any of these...

And they majorly want to read something like them... 

So this is their plea to read something different from the norm.

A calling to various writers to do what this writer could not...

While also an excuse to share the story ideas that I had a blast creating....

*This is a collection of ideas on stories for the anime and tv shows I've watched,  fandoms I'm part of, and fanfics I've read.*

*Some of these I was thinking of writing but was unable to because I didn't actually watch the whole tv show, anime, or (read) manga..."

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