Smile With Me (JongKey-Fanfiction) [BOYxBOY]

Smile With Me (JongKey-Fanfiction) [BOYxBOY]

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K_Pop_Fantasy By K_Pop_Fantasy Updated Jun 26, 2016

Key is a young boy who have been through a lot. He struggles every day to be perfect and keep up with his "does-it-look-like-I-care" image, just so he won't get picked on.

But what happens when a new student enters the school and suddenly tries to get close to Key? 

Will he ever accept him into his life or is there too many problems already? 


♡ This story will continue to be updated if people show support.

♡ JongKey is a shipping between SHINee's lovely Jonghyun and Key.

(English is not my native language)

~ Have fun reading, JongKeys ~

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KingKibummie KingKibummie Dec 28, 2017
Well, my husband's fluent in my language..... *Hair flip* 😂😂
KingKibummie KingKibummie Dec 28, 2017
It's Minho...... It has to be Choi..... All the tall ones are Choi..... 😂😂😂 Jk
kihyun_pil kihyun_pil Nov 28, 2017
wtf did he just go all spiderman on me?!! Onew where you at?!
Wait... You brought the only thin you had left of your grandmother to the woods?!
- - Apr 10, 2016
Me: Gives more stars than anyone else even though I don't need to bcuz the next part is already there
                              Me: Yeah I know I am an amazing reader
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Soonyoungforever Soonyoungforever Oct 18, 2016
Omg that Japanese BL drama SevenDays just came to my mind...I love that movie!