Words Between The Silence

Words Between The Silence

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Jamie Ventresca By JamieVentresca Updated a day ago

This is a work of fiction partially (?) based on a fourteen-year-old girl's diary. If by any chance that you know the author of the said work of fiction, be advice that the chatacters inside this story may or may not be real and if your name is stated, it's probably not a coincidence. So! If you have very  delicate sensibilities, it's probably for the best for you not to read this, turn back, and pretend you never saw it.

Aristheia Andreas is an ordinary grade ten girl living a simple life in a not so extraordinary town. She is happy and contented with what she has...or well she is contented. At least.

One day, mysterious articles suddenly popped into existence inside her school, the Rushmore Integrated High. It was in the social media, bulletin boards, and plastered all over the school. It called itself as The Page, a society paper full of latest gossips and news about everyone, teachers and students alike. 

To Aris' schoolmates and friends, it seems to antagonized everyone. But to her, it is her diary entries. Her words that are never meant to be spoken out loud, her most sacred words. But something is bothering her...who printed her diary entries?!

Well, she is about to find out as she desperately seek out who is The Publisher and The Editor, the main characters being played by the staffs of The Page. She will embark on a mission where she will struggle to find out who she is and the power of what she can do to the people around her. Where her ink will speak for herself and truths will spread out like a wild fire.