His Girl. (Harry Styles)

His Girl. (Harry Styles)

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Khloe-Marie By chloeeemarieee1 Updated Sep 27

Harry Styles - A boy well known for being a player, his hobbies include partying, taking drugs, fighting and hitting on innocent girls, some say he's a no good man. 

Now meet Chloe Englestone, a good girl who got A+ on all her exams at school, who has never tried a cigarette, never had sex, and never party's. 
She has a dream of going to University and studying to become and doctor. 

What happens when these 2 completely different worlds collide on one night, or what if i told you they already had collided in the past? 
Will Chloe change Harry for good or worse? 

WARNING: This story has tons of drugs, alcohol and sexually explict content in, please don't read if your under the age of 12, and if you are gonna read then, enjoy it i guess, hah

xx_AVG_xx xx_AVG_xx Apr 25
Just started reading this, looks like a killer, I already recommend to start reading it to the people who haven't
Am I the only one who truly gets excited when I know that he has piercings?
shainap23 shainap23 Apr 22
I hate when people call a guy boy 
                              I automatically think of a 15 year old
Every single story is like this the girl doesnt wear much make up.....be real.....
rnylee rnylee Dec 03, 2015
So you agree? You think your gorgeous?
                              someone please get this reference
jalyriyah jalyriyah Nov 28, 2015
Why doesn't anybody seem to passwords on their phones in these fanfictions