Twisted Infatuation ||Hoodie||

Twisted Infatuation ||Hoodie||

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Kalli By MissKreepypasta Completed

After accidentally getting Elizabeth Para's family killed, Hoodie feels in debt to her.

He tries to give her the best life possible.

But somewhere along his selfish way, he develops a twisted infatuation with her, which causes a chain of fucked up events.

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I couldn't imagine me getting one of those punishments because I probably die or go insane, just because the pain was to much to bare.
Hey masky 
                              Hey what?
                              Hey masky? 
                              Hey WHAT? 
                              We got cheescake! 
                              We got-
                              What what C-H-E-E-S-C-A-K-E! 
                              *ahem* sorry I had to
wow i hate hoodie and you actually made me feel bad for him ;_;
No that be my baby! Hurt my baby again and i will personally rip your face off!
UpTheWolves UpTheWolves Mar 23
Usually I don't like creepypasta/MH fanfictions because they're badly written and don't follow the canon guidelines- but you're amazing!
                              (Sorry, I know that you don't support the waffle-Toby thing but I do this to everyone :D)