Twisted Infatuation ||Hoodie||

Twisted Infatuation ||Hoodie||

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***ON HIATUS*** By MissKreepypasta Completed

||2nd Place Hoodie Category Fall Creepypasta Awards 2016||

After accidentally getting Elizabeth Para's family killed, Hoodie feels in debt to her.

He tries to give her the best life possible.

But somewhere along his selfish way, he develops a twisted infatuation with her, which causes a chain of fucked up events.

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oOKenna_ChanOo oOKenna_ChanOo Jul 25, 2016
I couldn't imagine me getting one of those punishments because I probably die or go insane, just because the pain was to much to bare.
Kanato_Writes Kanato_Writes Aug 29, 2016
Hey masky 
                              Hey what?
                              Hey masky? 
                              Hey WHAT? 
                              We got cheescake! 
                              We got-
                              What what C-H-E-E-S-C-A-K-E! 
                              *ahem* sorry I had to
jayjayjay12345578910 jayjayjay12345578910 Jul 12, 2016
wow i hate hoodie and you actually made me feel bad for him ;_;
WafflestheKiller WafflestheKiller Jun 14, 2016
No that be my baby! Hurt my baby again and i will personally rip your face off!
- - Mar 23, 2016
Usually I don't like creepypasta/MH fanfictions because they're badly written and don't follow the canon guidelines- but you're amazing!
lemonjucicey lemonjucicey Dec 31, 2016
I will kill slender if he hurts I anymore I don't know how but it will happen