3 Months with the Prince

3 Months with the Prince

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Alexis also known as Alex isn't your typical girl. Alex lives on a small farm in Tennesse. She was used to doing bad things and have her brother help her get out of it. But what happens when one of them sent her away to Paracrystal.

What was suppose to be an academy turns out to be a competition for the prince's heart? The person that made her come here is determined to make Alex a lady. But Alex is making sure she does everything to make sure she won't succeed.

Meanwhile the prince has his eyes on her. He was determined to make her fall for him. Who knew someone else was too. David, Alex's brother's best friend was also sent and is a guard. He also wanted Alex. Suddenly she is caught in a love triangle.

  • alexis
  • arm
  • ben
  • broken
  • caught
  • chloe
  • dad
  • david
  • drew
  • graduation
  • grant
  • intercom
  • judge
  • love
  • mom
  • months
  • paracrystal
  • philip
  • prince
  • private
  • property
  • taylor
  • tennessee
  • triangle
Bitch fight me, I'm kinda a tomboy, not really I hate exercise.
ladycat04 ladycat04 Sep 21
B*t h you better shut the f*ck up, before you get smacked the f*ck up😑
I mean i am not a tomboy at least sometimes my style is weird i love black, tomboy, girly, 90s and pink i love everything
catrealovesfunart catrealovesfunart Apr 21, 2016
this sounds like a tale based on the selection series so I'm gonna give it a go
EternalWonderer EternalWonderer Aug 09, 2016
Lol being the idiot I am I thought that it really was a country and Google it. 😂😂😂😂
sukiobi sukiobi Jan 05
This is when I would curse my good hearing and storm back into the room and say.
                              "What did you say?!"