She Wolf ☾stiles stilinski [ongoing]

She Wolf ☾stiles stilinski [ongoing]

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"Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are."

                  "Then what the hell am I?"

When Sam Lester moved up just up North to Beacon Hills California the least she was expecting was to come face to face with the supernatural. 

After the span of just a few weeks, she's met with a wolf boy and his spastic friend who accept her into their dysfunctional pack. 

As things get out if control [with psychotic possessed teenagers and mental asylum level visions] Sam is oblivious of what to do next. 

The only thing she knows is that she could possibly save this insane town and her friends. 

  ≪Teen Wolf Season 3a~3b≪ [starts at season 3 episode 14]

cliffoyum cliffoyum Aug 16
when the doctor asks what you're gonna name your child and you panic and blurt out a vegetable
uniskittle uniskittle Nov 20
You have no idea how many times I got in trouble for being on wattpad
Rmarie15 Rmarie15 Jul 29
I had to last year and now I'm gonna have to again this year
Niah_Stud Niah_Stud Aug 18
That was handsdown the best thing I've ever seen. I love it!!
I had to move all the way to Canada a couple years back 🙁
8ITRY8 8ITRY8 Oct 04
I'm Canadian, sometimes I FLUFFING hate it here cus of the fluffing weather like wtf. But we do have some pretty COOLIO stuff here .