Mitsuki of Konoha (naruto fanfic)

Mitsuki of Konoha (naruto fanfic)

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Yuni By skyuni Updated Jun 04, 2015

Mitsuki is a girl who needs the shroud of mystery around her. Without it, her life would be much more complicated than it currently is. She was just eight years old when she was delivered to Konoha by her beloved "Tachi-kun" from her abusive home. 

She refuses to let anyone enter the innermost chambers of her thoughts, and continuously lies to keep them from doing so. She says she is Mitsuki. She says she is Mika. 

What's the truth, what's the lie? 

And here's another question, perhaps the most important one in her life-- why must she avoid "him"? 

*I do NOT own Naruto or this picture!

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Just_Call_Me_Jo Just_Call_Me_Jo Apr 15, 2017
I gasped when I saw the lack of grammar, then looked at te story and let out a sigh of relief XD
Lumiere247 Lumiere247 Jul 10, 2016
omg I had this book in my library in like forever and I cant believe I didn't check this amazing book sooner! I love this book already!!
UnchainedHeart UnchainedHeart Jul 02, 2014
Checking this out to make time pass, and it seems pretty cool so far. ^3^ It definitely makes me want to read more.
NamelessTea NamelessTea Sep 16, 2013
Wow. You're so gifted in writing. Can I, like, steal your writing abilities and call them my own?
skyuni skyuni Dec 10, 2012
@jump4moon no i just knew cuz i'm korean too! you used ㅠ which is korean (^ㅂ^)/
skyuni skyuni Dec 10, 2012
@jump4moon okay random question is it possible that you're korean? (: