A Dragon's Heart

A Dragon's Heart

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Chris By dragonsIayer Updated May 14, 2013

If only I hadn't asked for the chocolate.

Then none of this would've happened.

And I wouldn't have pissed off a very angry dragon shifter.

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bunnyboo-who bunnyboo-who Apr 03, 2017
TheParableQueen TheParableQueen Apr 28, 2016
I was screaming at my brother because he forgot to put the toilet seat down
                              Poor guy
thescruffy360 thescruffy360 Mar 17, 2016
Actually. That's you. Your the one that felt the need to be all fûcking dramatic and get on a plane and 'run away'
Sonyash2002 Sonyash2002 Nov 18, 2016
Hmm looks around ; mimics pewdiepie's voice ; IM ON MY PERIOD
Just because your a body builder doesn't mean your strong😑
thescruffy360 thescruffy360 Mar 17, 2016
What parent in their right mind would buy tickets just because their daughter said so argh fûcks sake that's too stupid for me to even try to explain WHY it's stupid in the first place