A.I Love (UtaPri Fanfic) 「Completed」

A.I Love (UtaPri Fanfic) 「Completed」

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Glacia By IcyGlacia Updated Jan 27, 2015

Status : Complete

The Professor, Mikaze Ai's creator, was not satisfied with his creation which doesn't have the capability of feeling. He doesn't want to 'discard' Mikaze Ai, he wanted him to be perfect. 

After a while, he discovered that a female idol had a tragic accident and died recently. Many loved her and still doesn't believe her death until the media announced it. The Professor had symphathy over her, because...

It was the same as Aine.

He wanted to help. He wanted to help so badly. Then, he thought of an idea. He created another creation whose appearance is the same as the real idol. It was exactly the same of what had he done with Aine. But this time, his new creation will have the knowledge to 'feel'.

With this, he's knocking two birds with one stone. To revive the idol, and to teach Mikaze Ai how to 'feel'

[OC X Ai]

Disclaimer : I do not own Uta no Prince Sama or any of its characters. Only my OC and the story.

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Aries102 Aries102 May 07, 2017
So I never really watched Uta no prince sama so is Ai like an actual robot?
DanandPhilAreAwesom4 DanandPhilAreAwesom4 Apr 04, 2017
Almost the same last name, I see what ya did there author-chan
_thirsTAE_ _thirsTAE_ Mar 05, 2017
2nd time reading this in so long and I thought that said starfish I'm so dumb I hate what the Monterey bay field trip did to me
Mysterious_Kitty Mysterious_Kitty Dec 27, 2015
                              I've been searching for a good Ai fanfic for months~~~!!!
starshipology starshipology Jan 17, 2015
When I saw the words: Ai's original wakes up from his slumber 
                              I suddenly fangirled! *Q* Is this a love triangle?! Harmony-senpai! I am so looking forward to reading this :D
mairunette mairunette Aug 14, 2014
THIS. IS. AWESOME >.< You have a gift, my fellow UtaPri-chan ^^