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Dramione: An Impossible Fantasy [Being Edited]

Dramione: An Impossible Fantasy [Being Edited]

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Emma Malfoy :) By HPloverforever Updated Sep 03, 2016

She's worried about her seemingly irrational feelings. He's unnerved by their mutual attraction. Neither understands the new feelings they're experiencing. For after all, love is unpredictable and can be the most dangerous magic of all.


Complete opposites. Sworn enemies. Two.. Lovers?

Draco and Hermione have been enemies ever since they enrolled in Hogwarts. This we all know. But what if beneath the hate, there was also love? After the war, Draco and Hermione are changed drastically. Coming back to Hogwarts for their final year, something sparks between them - despite their past animosity. 

As Hermione and Draco battle their way through Hogwarts, they struggle with their relationship. After all, Hermione's the friend of Harry Potter, enemy of Draco Malfoy. It could never be. 

But who knows? Love always finds a way.

..Or can it?

Dragons, Death Eaters, they all pale in comparison as Hermione struggles to survive this school year. Follow Hermione and Draco as they try to endure the most terrifying thing of all - love.


"You could have died."

My breathing quickens as I stare into his silver grey, stormy eyes. "But I didn't." I shrug nonchalantly. 

He shakes his head, angry and frustrated. "You don't understand. What you put me through..." My heart beats faster as he leans forwards, eyebrows drawn and face intense. "It was the worst I've ever felt - when someone you care about is hurting so, so much."


NOTE: I started this over a year ago and am in the process of editing this story. Please excuse any grammar errors or a bad plotline for the first few chapters :3

SunsupLile SunsupLile Apr 06
Gurllll really ?! Werent u just grieving few seconds ago ?! And why are u guys making out in a joke shop and everyone else is just standing there and looking at u guys like....wt da fuq
MusiLunia MusiLunia 5 days ago
HNGGG I still can't move over another fic 😭😭😭 a character i love and who also happened to die, called her that too 😭😭😭😭
_dissolved_ _dissolved_ May 23, 2016
Umm honey you can't actually ship Hermione with malfoy. They never had feelings for each her. Didnt you see the movies .-. he called her a mud blood wanted her to die never cared about her whilst Hermione envied him and punched him on the head as well ffs come on .-.
ImperfectlyPerfect2 ImperfectlyPerfect2 Jul 27, 2016
I love this book so much that I am reading it again 👌🏽
Madstar124 Madstar124 Oct 03, 2016
strawberryM1KO strawberryM1KO May 30, 2016
Seriously people just enjoy the fanfic. The author can do what she wants. If you dont like it, dont read it! It won't be the first time someone does a Dramione and it certainly won't be the last.