Bleeding Hearts (Elysium Short Story)

Bleeding Hearts (Elysium Short Story)

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Karin Winter By inkwellheart Completed

Genevieve Barreau is as skilled with a skillet as she is with a pistol. Running a boarding house in the middle of the slums is no easy task, but with her sharp tongue and sharper kitchen knives, she manages to keep order amongst the thieves and night flowers who are her tenants.

However, when the man she loves brings home a secret that could threaten the well-being of her beloved boarders, it's up to her to see that matters are set straight. Armed with a strong sense of justice and a tender heart, she's determined to discover what her devoted beau is hiding.

The truth she finds just may tear her bleeding heart in two.

ELYSIUM series short story.

  • 19thcentury
  • action
  • backstory
  • betrayal
  • crime
  • criminal
  • death
  • drama
  • dreadpunk
  • femaleprotagonist
  • gritty
  • heartbreak
  • kidnapping
  • love
  • murder
  • mystery
  • sad
  • shortstory
  • tragic
  • victorian